Adopt an Animal

How about adopting your very own animal? It is a costly business rearing young animals in captivity - sometimes this is done so that they can be returned to the wild and they need not only food but also exposure to their natural environment.

Raising an animal in captivity may be done to try and protect a species or just to save an orphan.

What ever the reason an animal is being raised in captivity - it needs help!

Chipangali is a wildlife orphanage and not a zoo offering a home to orphaned, abandoned and sick wild animals. Young wild animals continually find there way into the homes of nature lovers throughout Zimbabwe. Other animals are Orphaned as a result of some mishap such as the death of the mother, injuries or snaring etc.

Many Wild animals are kept as pets and are indeed appealing and fun to have around the house, but once adults these loving babies turn into dangerous and aggressive wild animals and it is then at this stage that they become a pest. It is here that Chipangali is approached to take over the responsibility of these animals and thereby offer them a home and once the initial settling down process is complete most of the animals are integrated into release programs.

What better gift for a birthday or other special occasion than a present with a difference!

For you help and membership you receive a certificate and a photograph of your "baby".

Animals to Adopt Monthly Amount
Waterfowl, Parrots, Snakes, Bush babies, Hedgehogs, Tortoises US$ 5.00
Monkeys, Baboons, Genets, Duikers, Klipspringer, Steenbok, Mongooses. US$ 7.00
Birds of Prey, Cranes, Flamingo, Servals, Caracals, Servals, Warthogs, Bush pigs, Impala, US$ 12.00
Kudu, Zebra, Giraffe, Waterbuck US$ 15.00
Leopards, Hyena, Cheetah, Wildog US$ 25.00
Lion, Black Rhino US$ 40.00

Please contact Chipangali Wildlife orpahange for further details
e-mail: Chipangali

Visit the Chipangali Web Site for more information. Click here.....

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